National Nutrition Month | Celebrating Our Dietitians

March is National Nutrition Month, and we are proud to feature several of our dedicated dietitians for their commitment to creating an inclusive dining program for all guests. Their hard work helps us customize our dining programs to fit all guests, regardless of diet, allergens, or preferences.

District Dietitian Carly Richter | Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Carly Richter supports several universities across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, advocating for innovative programs or partnerships that expand dining options for students with food allergies.

Carly noticed a rising need for halal options at several campuses and helped launch a partnership for grab-and-go halal-certified meals from Oda’s Indian Cuisine, meeting our guests’ dietary needs and supporting a local business. She also brought in allergen-free and gluten-free snack options in retail markets, ensuring food-allergic students can snack safely.

Christina Kamilaris | New York University

Christina can often be found hosting tables to educate students on wellness, hosting Teaching Kitchens, and meeting with guests to help them navigate the unique challenges of maintaining a balanced diet while away from home.

She often works one-on-one with guests in nutrition education sessions, where she shares resources that help students make informed choices about their diet and develop healthy eating habits. Guests with food allergies shared that they now feel comfortable and safe after attending Christina’s sessions.

Beth Smith | Eastern Michigan University

Beth Smith uses storytelling to her advantage at the University of Eastern Michigan, where she and her team educate students on the importance of food allergen safety.

Through her storytelling and programming, she helped raise awareness about the importance of identifying food allergies. As a result, she and her team have seen a 133% increase in students sharing their food allergies with her team, ensuring that she can equip them with the proper resources.

Sharniquia White | University of North Carolina Greensboro

Sharniquia works closely with students who have allergies, intolerances, and/or dietary preferences, showing them how to navigate the dining hall.

She often individually meets with students who have celiac disease and introduces these guests to culinary leadership, takes them on a tour of the dining hall, and discusses made-to-order foods. She also makes sure to get a list of their favorite foods so her team can design these meals in a way that is both delicious and safe.

Adam Sachs | University of Maryland Baltimore (UMBC)

Adam works closely with several athletes on the UMBC campus to help them reach their nutritional goals, from emphasizing protein to supporting their refueling needs. His Eat 2 Compete program identifies meals that meet the nutritional requirements of student athletes and ensures that they know which items support their dietary needs.

In addition to working with student athletes, Adam brings in items that students with food allergies love to try, such as vegan and nut-free cookies from a local vendor and individually packaged gluten-free buns for their burger station.

Our registered dietitians lay the groundwork for our guests to choose nutritious, wholesome foods that empower them to flourish in college and beyond. Thank you for all that you do!