how we cook

Our customized culinary program is characterized by menus that feature the latest trends in ingredients, flavors and compositions. No matter what state or nation students call home, they will feel welcomed by our authentic menus that represent a full spectrum of global flavors. Throughout all aspects of the program, starting with procurement through plating and serving the meal, there is an emphasis on sustainability and wellness to ensure the health of the planet and our guests. Here’s how we do it:

we cook from scratch

As chefs, we believe that cooking is an artform and that the meals we serve have the potential to create memorable experiences for our guests.

That’s why our chefs cook from scratch with a fiery passion. At all our locations you’ll often find our chefs carefully chopping, cooking and crafting meals for the day completely using small-batch recipes.

we menu by season

Serving fresh produce and offering variety are two cornerstone components of our food philosophy.

That’s why we curate our menus by season, incorporating produce that is at its peak freshness. Pumpkins in the fall and fresh green beans in the spring, our chefs enjoy creating seasonal meals with local flavors.

we source responsibly

When it comes to food, we focus on making responsible, environmentally friendly decisions.

We take pride in sourcing local ingredients and supporting farmers and business owners in the communities we serve. For more information on our sourcing practices please visit our sustainability page.

we are allergen friendly

We understand that when it comes to food, every student has different needs and preferences.

From dietary restrictions to allergens to cultural preferences, we are committed to expanding inclusion to our kitchens. Learn more about our approach to nutrition.

we are additive free

Nutrition and wellness are always at the forefront of what we do. We strive to create meals that are not only delicious, but that serve a healthy function.

We are proud to serve foods that do not include added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and we seek out partners that share in this philosophy.

meet our chefs

It’s no secret that today’s students expect our culinarians to wear many hats – from educators to safety champions, their impact goes far beyond simply preparing food for our guests. They are teachers, purveyors, flavor gurus, party-makers and sometimes even part-time farmers.

They enjoy seeing people smile when they try something new and they strive to provide the ultimate catered experience. Nothing makes them happier than when they delight an international student with an authentic home-cooked recipe.  #LoveYourChef

Chef Micole


“I am fortunate to have such a diverse team that is passionate about not just cooking but creating an experience.”


Chef Jon


“I feel really proud to be a part of Chartwells and the progressive [nature] of the company.”

Chef Kevin


“I’ve been blessed to have great mentors and am grateful to be here at Chartwells and keeping that tradition going. Helping young culinarians of the future and moving forward is a lot of fun.”

our partnerships