Honoring Black History Month | Celebrations From Across Our Campuses

All month long, we are honoring Black History Month by platforming Black voices and sharing all the ways our teams and associates are recognizing the month.  Diversity is a lifelong commitment, and we are proud to encourage our teams to be active agents of change in the fight for a more inclusive world.

Heirloom | Frances Hodges 

In honor of Black History Month, we are proud to celebrate the profound impact of African Americans on art and music. This month we are sharing the incredible story of Frances Hodges, an associate at Missouri State University and a longtime backup vocalist for the legendary Ike and Tina Turner.

Frances shares with us her cherished heirloom—a book authored by Tina Turner herself, chronicling their collaborative journey and the profound influence they had on the music industry as we celebrate the impact of African Americans and the Arts for Black History Month.

Join us all month long in embracing diversity, fostering inclusivity, and honoring the vibrant tapestry of Black history, as we share their incredible stories.

Black History Month Dinner | Northwestern University

Northwestern University Dining recently hosted a Black History Month dinner complete with hickory smoked pork shoulder, blackberry cobbler, and traditional recipes from the Sweet Home Café at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Our partners at Thompson Hospitality, Chef Jerl Griffin joined our team to pass out affogatos featuring BLK & Bold Coffee and snap selfies with students. In addition, local restaurant Soul & Smoke showcased some of their favorite offerings and local DJ Corey Bless spun tunes to set the mood.

By platforming and highlighting cultures, foods, and practices all around the world, we build a community where all people have a seat at the table.

Taste of Diaspora Event | Barnard University

Through student partnerships, we honor the rich food culture of the African diaspora. United by dishes and the cherished traditions behind them, every bite carries with it a rich legacy – from BBQ brisket to fresh baby kale salad to tofu efo riro – the dining team at Barnard and the Barnard Organization of Soul and Solidarity (BOSS) showcased meals that reflect how the culinary influence of the African diaspora can be felt everywhere in the United States.

The Taste of Diaspora event was a wonderful success, with the vice president of BOSS sharing, “[we] felt seen and that there was a space for [us]. We won’t forget how it felt to feel catered to and provided for!”