Celebrating Chef Appreciation Week

To all of our culinary difference makers that create impact and joy in our campus communities through food – we wish you a very happy Chef Appreciation Week! Your passion and creativity are truly inspiring, and the experiences you create on our campuses are bar none! Cheers to you – and thank you! #ChefAppreciationWeek

Corey Arndt | Campus Executive Chef at Central Michigan University

Every year one culinarian from our organization is selected to win the coveted Culinary Difference Maker Award as part of our Be a Star recognition program. This year we are pleased to present that award to Chef Corey Arndt for his contributions to leading the culinary program at Central Michigan University. Corey has been with us for 6 years and we are proud to share his story today as part of #ChefAppreciationWeek. Watch below to hear about Corey.

Sandra Bedoya | Campus Executive Chef at the University of Miami

We are proud to offer our platforms to our team members to share their stories, and are pleased to feature Sandra Bedoya, our Executive Chef at the University of Miami.

“My big influence from my family is my grandfather and grandmother. Both [taught] me how to cook at 6. One of my best memories is when I cooked next to my grandfather and grandmother [with a] wood oven. I want[ed] to show people that Latinos and Colombian people are really good workers and bosses. We work with heart, you know?”

We’d also like to wish Sandra a very happy Chef Appreciation Week! Thank you for all you do every day to lead your team with culinary innovation top of mind. #ChefAppreciationWeek #HispanicHeritageMonth

David Garcia | Campus Executive Chef at Sacred Heart University

Chef David is our Campus Executive Chef at Sacred Heart University and this year’s Chef Appreciation Week. Chef David was chosen for his outstanding achievements in culinary, his leadership, and the positive impacts he makes on the business including opening a state-of-the-art café as well as new brands in eight SHU operations. Chef David also manages a SHU Celebrity Chef cooking series and spearheads the Teaching Kitchen program on campus. Congratulations Chef!

Jason Davis | Campus Executive Chef at the University of Toledo

As we conclude Chef Appreciation Week, we would like to again extend our sincere appreciation to our many talented chefs, sous, cooks, bakers, and culinary team members. Cheers to you! We’d also like to thank our chefs from across the country who shared their stories with us this week! We are pleased to feature Chef Jason Davis, our Senior Executive Chef at The University of Toledo.

“I love the fact that I get to work with some of the most talented, hardworking, driven, diverse group of culinarians. I have such a great team around me. Their passion comes out in their food.”
Happy Chef Appreciation Week, Jason – and thank you for all you do! #ChefAppreciationWeek