Chartwells Expands On-Campus Food Delivery Program at the University of Houston

Following an initial test in early 2019, Chartwells continues to focus on forward-thinking technology solutions that provide benefits to students

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Chartwells Higher Education, a recognized leader in contract food service management, is expanding their popular food delivery program at the University of Houston by offering additional retail concepts and delivery locations on campus. Chartwells is committed to using technology to help students, as well as faculty and staff save time and create efficiencies on campus.

Food delivery is a growing trend on college campuses and with Generation Z students. In 2018, GenZ ordered 552 million foodservice meals and 39% of students expected delivery in under one hour. In addition to delivery, students are seeking alternative methods of payment that go above and beyond traditional credit card payments and include mobile wallets and integration with their dining meal plan dollars.

To satisfy this need, in early 2019, University of Houston Dining Services launched their first on-campus delivery program offering students the option to pre order, pre pay with their dining dollars and choose a delivery time for customized sandwiches from the popular on-campus eatery, Mondos. The test started with delivery to frequently visited locations, allowing the team to create best practices and operational efficiencies that can help them scale faster.

“The delivery program launched by UH Dining offered the convenience we were looking for to make student’s lives easier and help them save time during the day and still have access to meals,” says Rosie Ashley, Program Director at the University of Houston. “The integration with our meal plan system allowing students to pay with their declining balance dollars was also a benefit.”

To build on the success of the pilot, the dining team expanded their delivery services and now offer additional retail concepts for on-demand delivery and increased the number of delivery locations. The team studied campus foot traffic and flow to determine the most frequently visited spots during various meal times, to determine the best drop off points for delivery that would service the maximum amount of students and create operational efficiencies for the delivery fleet.

“We look forward to expanding this delivery concept to other campuses around the country,” says Vice President of Marketing and Communications Salli Darden. “The model tested and created by the University of Houston dining team, is flexible and nimble enough to execute on campuses of all sizes and needs.”

Chartwells continues to foster a culture of innovation in all areas of business and will continue to match the needs of students and guests with fast and efficient technology solutions. To read more about Chartwells’ innovations in food service please visit

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