Blended Burger Bliss at the University of North Carolina Asheville

It’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s delectable – it’s UNC Asheville’s new “Blended Burger.” UNCA Dining Services’ new “beefed-up” sandwich uses less animal product and commits to sourcing locally.

Sustainability Coordinator for Dining Services Meghan Ibach saw an opportunity to combine two locally grown organic products to form this super patty. Humane-certified beef from local family-owned Hickory Nut Gap Farm and local certified naturally grown mushrooms from Orchard Valley Farms are mixed to perfection for this burger.

It is also UNCA Dining Services response to ongoing culinary competitions, like James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger ProjectTM and Build A Better Burger Project from Food Network and The Cooking Channel – all of which strive for an environmentally sustainable burger that tastes great.

First tested during spring 2018, students gobbled it up and it sold out in four days. On August 30, the Blended Burger was officially launched at The Burger Bash in Highsmith Union Food Court. With even more rave reviews, the Blended Burger is now a menu mainstay for the 2018-19 academic year.

A leader in sustainability, UNC Asheville Dining Services is designated as a Fair Trade University by Fair Trade Campaigns and its Brown Hall is lauded as a 3-Star Certified Green Restaurant® by the Green Restaurant Association. Working toward near-zero waste in the kitchen, UNC Asheville is also a key contributor of meals for the hungry in the region in conjunction with Food Connection.