Chartwells Higher Education’s National Sustainability Director Monalisa Prasad Joins Food Tank’s Chief Sustainability Officer Group

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 23, 2023 — Today, Chartwells Higher Education announced Monalisa Prasad’s appointment to Food Tank’s CSO Peer Group. As Chartwells’ National Director of Sustainability, Monalisa has worked to certify Chartwells’ dining halls as Green Restaurant Certified, spearheaded strategic partnerships with organizations like HowGood and FarmShelf, fought food waste on college campuses, and helped develop sustainable business strategies. Now, Monalisa will work with other leaders in sustainability through Food Tank’s Chief Sustainability Officer Group to create socially and economically sustainable ways to alleviate hunger, obesity, and poverty.

“I’m honored to be among these recognized impact leaders who are committed to inspiring change around sustainability in the food system,” said Monalisa. “With my passion for sustainability and Chartwells’ dedication to becoming a leading example of sustainable food service, I’m excited to work with Food Tank to help drive conversations that drive lasting change.”

Food Tank is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization focused on building a global community for safe and healthy eating. Food Tank’s CSO Group brings together those defining business leadership around sustainability at small, medium, and large businesses. The peer group addresses the growing need for broader networking and collaboration to drive change in the food system, while also providing opportunities to participate in presentations, case studies, social events, peer-to-peer mentoring, and important conversations that will inspire meaningful change in the private sector.