Chartwells Introduces FYUL to Campuses this Spring

Chartwells Higher Education Takes a Lifestyle Approach to Wellness and Introduces FYUL to Campuses this Spring
Fueling unique lifestyles with functional foods to help students live better lives

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Chartwells Higher Education announces the launch of FYUL, a new approach to wellness using functional foods such as herbs and spices that help support the lifestyle goals of college students. This new program, developed in partnership with McCormick Consumer Testing, highlights the purposeful benefits of everyday foods and incorporates these high functioning ingredients and recipes into menus on all 280 Chartwells campuses across the country.

“FYUL is a brand new way of looking at food,” Chartwells Higher Education Vice President of Sustainability and Culinary Services Laura Lapp said. “Building on our successful Balanced U Program, FYUL focuses on the functional aspects of food and educates students on what foods will help them achieve their lifestyle goals such as studying more effectively and better athletic performance.”

Each year, eating better and exercising more top the list of New Year’s resolutions. The FYUL program can help students by incorporating these into their lifestyles. FYUL identifies foods that meet a variety of functional and lifestyle attributions that are appealing to Generation Z and is built around eight categories that align with the needs of students. Immunity Boost, Love Your Heart, Sustained Energy, Improved Clarity, Protein Packed, Earth Friendly, Recovery, and Clean Eats all focus on establishing a foundation for lifelong healthy eating:
• Immunity Boost offerings feature antioxidant-rich ingredients and spices that build up the immune system.
• Love Your Heart foods are comprised of omega-3 fat rich foods that are shown to be beneficial for healthy heart function.
• Sustained Energy recipes focus on a balanced combination of whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables to help maintain consistent blood sugar levels.
• Improved Clarity options might traditionally include caffeinated beverages but now include a variety of herbs, spices and elixirs that help with brain focus.
• Protein Packed choices offer at least 20 grams of quality protein and have been enhanced to include ingredients like chilies, mustards and onions which are known to support metabolism.
• Earth Friendly features include spices such as cumin, basil and curry blends that are both earth friendly and craveable.
• Recovery foods include healthy proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables that help replenish and restore sore muscles and tired minds.
• Clean Eats are the most simple of our offerings and do not include any preservatives or additives and feature whole unprocessed ingredients.

The Chartwells culinary team, along with industry experts worked together to create robust, fresh, innovative and desirable FYUL recipes focusing on simple ingredients and can be easily executed on our campuses throughout all our dining locations.

“The FYUL recipes are focused on trending culinary ingredients and bold flavor profiles,” said Chartwells Higher Education Corporate Executive Chef Joe Labombarda. “Working with McCormick in their state-of-the-art test kitchen, our chef team created some amazing and tasty recipes. The fact that these FYUL recipes are good for you too, is a great added benefit.”
Students can now find FYUL-focused meals in their dining halls and educational labeling on their favorite grab-and-go items at their on-campus Market or C-Stores.