Chartwells Higher Education Tops Niche 2022 Rankings for Best College Food in Florida

Five Chartwells dining programs rank in the top 15 in Florida, including Florida International University at #1

CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 2, 2021 – Today, Chartwells Higher Education, a leader in contract food service management, recognizes the rankings of five of its partner schools among the 2022 Best College Food in Florida by school rankings platform Niche. These include Southeastern University (#15), Barry University (#14), Florida Atlantic University (#12), Florida Gulf Coast University (#11), University of North Florida (#6), and Florida International University (FIU), who tops the list at #1.

Chartwells became FIU’s foodservice partner in August 2018 and the university has been consecutively ranked #1 on Niche’s Best College Food in Florida lists since 2019. Throughout their partnership with FIU, Chartwells has introduced fresh, new menus featuring innovative brands from local restaurants and partners such as Half Moon Empanadas, PINCHO Burgers + Kebabs and Miro’s Food Truck. In addition, the dining program is reflective of the diverse population and recently launched a partnership with the Latin coffee brand, Café Bustelo and has plans to open a new home-grown Caribbean dining location later this year.

“You can see the change in the participation from students, faculty and staff since we’ve started partnering with Chartwells. The overall taste and variety of food options means there’s something for everyone, and students love how each dining experience feels like it was made for them,” said Felicia Townsend, Director of Business Services Operations and Dining Retail of FIU. “It’s been a great partnership working with Chartwells and we’ll continue to innovate, improve, and keep making the best college food in Florida.”

Chartwells has also been bringing award-winning meal concepts and customized menu options to Florida schools atop Niche’s college food rankings, including Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Atlantic University, Barry University, Southeastern University and University of North Florida. Chartwells works hand-in-hand with partner schools to develop new and unique dining experiences, all of which are tailored to the tastes and preferences of local students.

“Chartwells is so proud to see so many of our Florida partners ranking in the top 15 on Niche,” said Lisa McEuen, CEO of Chartwells Higher Education. “Strong collaboration paired with our Florida partners’ standards of excellence continue to yield successful dining programs, and we look forward to achieving similar results in the future.”