Our People, Their Stories | Celebrating Pride Month – Ashley Pitts

“I was born and raised in Southeast Texas. When I was younger, I loved spending time in the kitchen with my mom and grandma – those are some of my favorite memories. My mom was truly my superhero. She was the person I wanted to be most while I was growing up – she always showed so much love and compassion to every person she met.

I have wanted to be a chef since probably middle school. Honestly, I have never really seen myself doing anything else. I started my journey in catering as a cook and over the years have worked my way through the industry trying to find where I feel is my best fit. Around 5 years ago I landed with Chartwells Higher Ed at the University of Houston and now have been given the amazing opportunity to continue to grow as the Executive Chef in California at California State University, San Bernardino.

My wife Netta and I met in 2015 on a dating app, and we got married in 2017 during Pride month. We have two fur babies, a Chihuahua mix named Jayla, and an orange kitten named Mochi, who are our world. We are truly partners in life and it is a great feeling knowing someone always has your back.

Personally, Netta and I love to celebrate Pride by being an active part of the movement. Celebrating those around us and celebrating our love. Since we were married during Pride Month, we have so much fun celebrating our anniversary every year and are happy it’s during such an important and special time.

But Pride to me means more than just a month or a parade. To me, it’s more about really feeling proud and letting others see that you are proud. Knowing it’s okay to be your true self regardless of what others may think or feel. To anyone who is wanting to live their truth, I say do it and don’t be scared to be you. It will be ten times better being your true self.”

June is Pride Month, and we are honored to offer our platforms to our team members as they share their journeys in their own unique voices.

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