We Value Sustainability and our Planet

Chartwells purchases 100% certified seafood, cage-free shell eggs, grass-fed beef, rBGH free milk and chicken, turkey and pork produced without the routine use of antibiotics. Chartwells offers Fair Trade Certified sustainable coffee on many campuses. We are committed to purchasing locally grown and organic produce whenever possible in support of local communities.

Our Balanced U Sustainability approach addresses four basic tenets of sustainable and socially responsible business practices: Eat Green, Build Green, Run Green, and Return Green. These practices include such programs as tray less dining service and Project Clean Plate, which promotes food waste awareness. Trim Trax tracks, measures and reduces kitchen waste.

We use biodegradable consumer food packaging, plates, and utensils made from compostable materials such as bamboo and corn byproducts. We provide reusable food and beverage containers as well as reusable shopping bags. Many of our campus vans run on bio-diesel fuel, and we encourage facilities to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Chartwells' commitment to sustainability is further strengthened by the commitments and global resources of its parent company, Compass Group North America. Read more here.