Our Food Philosophy


  • We source seasonal and local first.
  • Local artisans are first on our list of providers.
  • We seek out ingredients and menu items that are unique to your campus.
  • We tailor our local sourcing commitment to the unique climate of each campus.
  • Our local sourcing is tracked and transparent.


  • We cook our burgers fresh to order.
  • We proactively menu vegetarian offerings without compromising flavor.
  • Our guests drive the menu.
  • We understand the demographic make-up of each campus and menu accordingly.
  • Our flexible menus allow us to innovate quickly.
  • We offer signature made-from-scratch items.
  • We provide tailored diets for food sensitivities.
  • Our chefs educate students and the community.
  • Our chefs "rock" on campus.


  • Our salad bars offer seasonal, nutrient-rich items.
  • Our burgers are natural and cooked to order.
  • Our deli meats are all-natural and freshly-shaved.
  • We menu cleaner, more natural foods.
  • We tell you where your food comes from.
  • We tell our guests the nutritional value of what they are eating, and where it was sourced.