We are the Place Where Hungry Minds Gather

It is my great pleasure to share that Chartwells has re-positioned its brand for a new generation and beyond. This new identity was built upon understanding our new audience, Generation Z, which has replaced Millennials on college campuses.

With its extreme affinity for technology, Generation Z is described by thought leaders as 'over-connected, yet under-related'. Research suggests that brands promoting high-intensity relationships will be the key to preparing Gen Z students for the future.

Our dining programs bring students together and serve as centers of academic life on the campuses we serve. Our investment creates social spaces. Our cuisine nourishes and inspires.

If college is about sharing big ideas and discovering new people, then Chartwells is the center of a vibrant academic life. We're chefs, interaction facilitators and food enthusiasts with a knack for drawing people together. Through our cuisine, community, talent, global resources and flexibility, we have the power to nourish and inspire.

Our new mission is to be the place where hungry minds gather.

Lisa McEuen
President and Chief Executive Officer
Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services

Lisa McEuen
President and CEO
Chartwells Higher Education
Dining Services